United Kingdom
In my own words:

Life is an adventure ~ enjoy the adventure! I stay fit by working out in the gym, walking, visiting the mall (to name a few things). Of course, I also enjoy a nice quiet evening watching a movie, playing a game or reading. A good conversation is always an opportunity to learn new things, whether in a train station or a pub or late at night under the stars. Speaking of which, I enjoy gazing at the stars and planets through my telescopes (since I have two now, it would be even better to share them!). I read at least a little nearly everyday, and enjoy the History Channel, A&E and all the Discovery channels. Whether we are talking about music, books, movies or anything else,sight seeing. I make the most of everything, whether going out with friends, or staying home for a bit of quiet time. In short, I enjoy everything that life has to offer. I would like to meet a man who knows how to enjoy life and wants to share some of that enjoyable life. To be able to participate in a good conversation and share much point of view about Love and Life