Toronto, Ontario, Canada
In my own words:

Hey hows it going out there, right now im looking to get to know people and see where it takes me. I love meeting new people and getting to know them, i give everyone a chance to get to know me and if i dont like you, then youll know right away lol. I guess you can say that Im looking for a relationship right now, I just miss the company of your significant other, having someone to call when your sad, or mad and they"ll be there to listen to you, someone to cuddle with and watch movies and all that good stuff. What I look for in a woman is, she has to be FUN, outgoing, exciting, spontaneous, adventourous, FUNNY, has to be able to keep a conversation going, willing to try things at least once, has to LOOOVE music!! Now a little about me, Im about 5' 8" and I weigh about 220, im currently going to ELAC right now, studying business management, I work out alot (at least try to) and am in the process of dropping weight. I looove music alot, im pretty much open to anything, i like going to shows and having fun, im into sports, i love football, im into MMA, running, all that good stuff. Im a pretty funny guy according to all my friends and they all say the same exact thing, WHY DONT YOU HAVE A GF??? and i honestly dont know haha, but i dont know. I think im ready to get serious now with someone. Well if Ive interested you enough, wrtie back and lets see where this takes us.Well hope to hear from you soon!