United States
In my own words:

Living a wholesome life as a jovial and vibrant person who has learnt the truth of life through experience. Give importance to relations and consider humans as the best of God creation. true at heart, positive and strong in the face of odds. though i have now very little vision left in my eyes but has not hampered my successful progression of life. for the last ten years I have been working as a successful banker and with the grace of God I am well-liked and respected by my clients and my colleagues. people appreciate me for my elegance, delicacy and personality carriage. inwardly I am a very simple, honest and sensitive person who knows how to respect and regard relations. i believe that respect is the fulcrum on which all human bonds are resting. only recently have i discovered the importance of soul. I am also into writing but that passion of mine has also taken up a direction now. my plans are to compose a piece of writing which is beneficial for me in this world and the world hereafter. also interested inphilanthropic works, help blind young staff in career hunting and academic concerns. naturewise domestic and believes in rectifying my ownself and my family first before approaching others. i am open about my weaknesses to others so that i can get a chance to correct them whenever anyone pinpoints them. take criticism positively. no body can decifer on his own that I have vision problem unless I tell it myself, since I feel that deception is the biggest of all sins therefore I try to be truthful, no matter whether it goes against me. I know how to smile and yes i am also witty. Lord Jesus has given me so much I am highly thankful to Him.