Free Online dating has become the #1 place for singles to meet people in Canada and the USA. Why online dating works? If you actually spend time filling out your profile, and using the features of the site like advanced search tools, it is the perfect place to meet someone compatible. Take the time to chat with someone and get to know the person before meeting and the chances of a first date going well are higher.

Online Dating Canada Statistics:

  • Single Canadians: 14.2 million in 2015, according to Statistics Canada.
  • 36 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 use online dating.
  • Growth: Six per cent per year for online dating and related services in Canada since 2010
  • Mobile: Sixty per cent of online daters in Canada and the United States were using only mobile devices, up 25 per cent from the year before.
  • the busiest day to try out online dating is the first Sunday after New Years day between 5pm and 8pm.
  • If you send a message longer than a tweet, you are more likely to get a response from a user
  • Most women prefer to wait 1-2 years before moving in, whereas men prefer to move faster at 6-12 months.
  • Men find beautiful profile photos more attractive but less trustworthy. On the other hand women find beautiful profile photos not only attractive but trustworthy.

There is a massive market for free online dating in Canada. It is not easy for sites to get a following, but if the site does, it is a great opportunity to meet people on a free site instead of a paid site. Even a site like POF is really not free anymore, you can message and chat with people, but to use all the features of the site, you have to pay! A site like IT Takes Two is 100% free to use. No hidden fees and the site has almost 20,000 Canadians on the site.

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