Tips To Makeover Your Online Dating Profile In 2017

It Takes Two has over 20,000 members and growing. Below are some online dating tips to help you meet people or get users to message you.

  1. Revamp your profile with new photos and information. Do not have old photos of yourself. Have them current.

  2. Delete the selfies. Enough said.

  3. Make the effort to meet the people you’re talking to. Once you have established a connection, meet the person. Remember first meeting should always be in a public place!

  4. Be honest about what you want.

  5. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is more to a person than a picture. Get to know someone. Attraction is a major factor in dating but get to know a person, you will have a better chance at a connection if you ask questions.

  6. That said, try to make your profile stand out. Have a updated picture, say something unique in the About Me section on your profile.

  7. Include elements of spontaneity and adventure. i.e. hiking, swimming, playing sports, jogging, exercise etc.

  8. The most important part of your dating profile: Have a picture! You will get a lot more responses from users if you have a picture.

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