Fantasy island!

Have you ever heard of a man being frigid? That he doesn’t respond to sexual stimulation or is averse to sex? No? Well, I haven’t either. But men, I know, are born fire crackers! Always burning with fire to get in-between some juicy thighs! But some people have told me that there are men like that. If there are, then they must be quite few.

But there are women like that. Yes! Don’t be surprised dear. They simply can’t enjoy sex no matter how hard they try. They get tensed up if you so much as try to touch them or revulsion comes crawling all over them. They don’t respond to stimulation that would have had you screaming your goddamn head off!

They are not too many, but they abound. I feel for them. What can you…Yes you reading this piece…equate or describe that feeling of orgasm, when it gets you in its clutches? Yes, tell me, I’m waiting.

Who can even described that feeling called orgasm? I call it the point of no return. What is the next best thing to it, do you know? Anyway, I don’t know myself. If you say orgasm is the feeling of intense pleasure, at its peak, I’ll say, you haven’t done justice to it, but that’s by the way.

The fact is that there are women out there, who are not frigid, but think they are. I am extending this lifeline to you today! No! No! I’m not a sex therapist! Please don’t flatter me. If only wishes were horses! I’m just a concerned friend. Yes, you might not be frigid lady! Your lover might have failed to stimulate you to that point of no return. Probably in much of a hurry to attain his own climax! It could be that you have hang-ups about sex, which have created psychological barriers between you and the act, but all in your subconscious mind. If that’s the case, you just have to let go of your mind and belief from such hangs-up or sister dear, forget about experiencing that feeling of reaching for the stars.

It could be that you feel pains whenever you want to try coitus, but this is probably caused by the innate fear for sex, which makes you tighten the muscles that give support to the vagina, thus making penetration painful.

Your first plan towards releasing yourself from your frigid shell is to accept that there’s nothing cheap or dirty about sex, especially shared with someone you care very much about. It’s a beautiful, unifying experience. The way parents answer questions concerning sex or their attitude, especially if negative, can result in psychological impairment.

The truth lies in you and your lover! As a woman, don’t be shy in telling your guy the electrifying points that you want him to touch. Whatever you do, don’t for God sake try to feign orgasm because you’ve seen it in some X-rated films. Some silly women do this because they don’t want the guy to feel less than a man. Too bad for him! What about you? Don’t you know that for him to achieved orgasm and you not to, is cheating at its height?

What turns you on is a personal matter. Express your unique desire to your partner. If you can’t talk to your partner about this, it could cause emotional and sexual barriers, which might lead to frustration. Let down your guard for once dear. I tell you once you loosen up, have your first taste of orgasm, you wont want to play ball ever, if it doesn’t lead to orgasm. There are stages a guy can take a woman to before she starts screaming her head off in sexual release.

You as a guy can help your lover attain this. The simple secret is patience. So stop all this storm in and storm out method! Your gentle fondling with her clitoris could be helpful here. Yes, touching in whatever form. Cunnilingus, finger or the shaft of the dick caressing the clitoris. Whichever way, do it with a lot of patience. Pay attention to this. You want her to find, as much enjoyment as you do, don’t you? Some frigid ladies are often dry, try getting her core wet with saliva. It’s more sensual than that stupid lubricant! Repeatedly ask her what she wants you to do to her, where to touch and if she’s enjoying it. And for crying out loud, sister dear, don’t start telling lies if you aren’t enjoying it!

In a satisfying relationship, the guy should be able to stimulate his woman sexually in ways she wants!

The major thing that triggers off orgasm is the aroused clitoris. You as woman can’t do this to yourself. That is why I advocate that the major solution lies with your guy; if you can loosen up, talk to your man and tell him what you want, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

There are many guys who are ever ready to thrust their eager dick into any willing hole, but lack the finesse of being a damn good lover! Too many guys, but only a handful knows that act of pleasuring a woman.

Frigidity can arise through the first guy that deflowered a lady. He might be so awful in bed, that the poor babe will develop inhibitions. When a babe says, “Is that all there is to the rave about sex “after her first trial of sex, know that she’s on the first journey to hating it.

A selfish, impatient guy is just the ideal scum of a guy that can make a babe frigid! Especially if he’s her first. If you want to help a babe to be free from the shackles of frigidity, and for her to attain that much sought after feeling called orgasm, then buster, you have to take a course in patience, when it comes to love making. If you think you can’t have orgasm, then sweetheart, do something about it. I don’t believe you are frigid!

A girl friend of mine actually had the ridiculous notion that she was frigid! Says she doesn’t like sex and only allows her guy to bang her because it’s her duty. She was so worried that she paid a scheduled visit to a gynaecologist. The good doctor told her that she hasn’t met a guy that would handle her very well. She left, unsatisfied with the answer. But she had never one day told her guy that she finds sex painful and repulsive. Always did feign moans and groans of pleasures. The guy was fooled. When she got admission into higher institution, she met another guy. By then she had became bold. So bold that she told the new guy her phobia. The guy went all out to please her. When the guy got down to business, there were fireworks and earthquake. When she came, she did it with a loud scream. I swear you could hear the building quaking!

Talk of a million- dollar bang! Now they are always together. The day I jokingly told her to dump the guy for sundry reasons, she nearly decapitated my wagging tongue.
So much for our friendship! ‘