FAQ - How to create a private photo album

Hi users,

One of the most important feature on the site is to hide your private albums and have to option to share with only registered users, friends or totally make your albums hidden or public.

If you make a connection through messaging and decide you want to share a picture on what you look like here are the steps to create a private album:

1. At the top right click your image and a bunch of users options will appear. Select My pictures.

2. Once my pictures has been clicked, on left you will see an option to create a new album. Click that option.

3.In your new album you can give it a title and upload the pictures you want to show in your private or public album.

4. At the bottom you will see privacy options. Any album you make, you can choose to make it public, have it shown only to signed up users(Regular users) and not guests, add a friend to show your pictures only to them. If there is no connection, you can just unfriend them so they will not have access to your photos anymore. Or you can hide your photo album all together.

The recommended option is to select Friends. It is like sharing a key on other websites. If friends are selected a guest, or regular user cannot see your photo unless you add them as a friend.