Why Free Online Dating Works

Some paying sites will try to tell you that not as many people frequent the free sites, so they are not as good. Simple logic will tell you that the assumption just isn't valid. Experience will prove that the more something costs, the fewer people will purchase it, whether it is a dating site, or a new car. It's a matter of simple economics. Free dating sites will include more members and visitors just because the cost is zero and you can visit the site without a huge expenditure of cash. Here are some of the benefits of dating sites that don't cost to browse.


Free dating sites will have a greater variety of people, especially as they are showing positive results from their word of mouth and paid advertisers on the site. If visitors to the site are signing up and leaving profiles, you will soon find a greater variety of educational levels, interests, financial strengths and other factors that go into making a profile match more likely. If you only are seeing people with one strength--financial-- on a paid site, it can be pretty boring to browse profiles on a paid site, simply because ability to pay has been made most important.


Free dating sites may not have an advertising budget that is as large, but on the other hand, commercial advertisers like to have places to put their promotional materials. Attracting commercial advertisements can work in the same way as charging membership fees for placing a profile on the dating site. The more advertisers you attract, the more you can advertise. Advertisers are interested in places where they know their information will be seen by the highest possible number of viewers. Viewers can be attracted by interesting and informational articles, by the number of profiles, by the variety of profiles and by many other factors, including ease of use for the site.


Free dating sites are impossible to beat when it comes to cost for the consumer. When it comes right down to the wire, most people would rather pay for the personal contact rather than for the ability to make a personal contact. Instead of buying a membership to a paid site, why not browse the free web site and spend the money on real life dating. The paid sites simply can't guarantee that the volume, quality or variety of profiles will be any better or higher than for the free sites. The only thing that is certain is that they will cost the end user more.


Without sacrificing security, free dating sites can be simpler to use. You don't have to find credit card numbers or other electronic payment means. You don't have to worry about forgetting an automatic electronic transfer from your checking account. The free sites are just as secure as the paid sites and sometimes even more user friendly. You should investigate any of the dating sites before becoming a part of the database, but don't rule out a site, simply because you don't have to pay to be part of it.