Hearing nowadays on Lucic's hit on&nbspMiller

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic will have a disciplinary hearing with the NHL at 1 p.m. these days in regards to his collision with Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller for the duration of the Bruins&rsquo 6-two win on Saturday at TD Backyard [url=https://www.canucksteamfanshop.com/ Trevor_Linden_Jersey-27]https://www.canu cksteamfanshop.com/Trevor_Linden_Jersey- 27[/url]. <br /><br />Miller suffered a concussion on the perform and will be out of the lineup indefinitely. <br /><br />Soon after possessing Sunday off, the Bruins returned to the practice ice this morning at Ristuccia Arena. Afterward, Lucic spoke about the situation and his approaching hearing. <br /><br />"It&rsquos clearly one thing I have to go by way of [url=https://www.canucksteamfanshop.com/ Daniel_Sedin_Jersey-17]https://www.canuc ksteamfanshop.com/Daniel_Sedin_Jersey-17 [/url]. I&rsquoll state my case and whatever takes place, transpires,&rdquo Lucic stated. &ldquoIt&rsquos out of my control and all I can do is tell my story about what occurred.&rdquo <br /> <br />Bruins coach Claude Julien addressed the predicament, too. <br /><br />&ldquoI don&rsquot know if I was shocked,&rdquo Julien stated of the hearing.&ldquoIt&rsquos more of you never ever know what&rsquos going to come about and they&rsquoll seem at it whichever way they want and then they make the choice [url=https://www.canucksteamfanshop.com/ Alexander_Edler_Jersey-12]Alexander Edler Jersey[/url]. As far as I&rsquom concerned, I noticed the same issue and it wasn&rsquot our strategy to run him over. For what it&rsquos really worth, Looch has carried out the very same thing to a single of our coaches final yr [url=https://www.canucksteamfanshop.com/ Brad_Richardson_Jersey-14]https://www.ca nucksteamfanshop.com/Brad_Richardson_Jer sey-14[/url]. He buries his head when he chases the puck and by the time he lifts it up, someone&rsquos there. Last yr it was a coach, this 12 months it was Miller.&rdquo<br /><br />After the game, Miller had some harsh words for Lucic, which you can read through here.<br /><br /><iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DfLHLG Qq6eM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>