Looking To Buy Running Shoes - Read This First

Hi! To tell you the truth: one of my favorite hobbies is running and I have been a marathon runner for quite a few years already. In this article I would like to talk about the importance of choosing the right shoes and the right surface to do what we love must, that is running of course. Back in the time, when I was based in Europe, I started to participate in a few half–marathons in Switzerland. It was a wonderful place to practice that kind of activity back then. The scenery is so majestic and the mountain air so clean in this part of the world.

While I was there I did quite a lot of full marathons in Switzerland and France as well, may be around 25 and 3 times a [url=http://healfootpain.blog.com/2014/0 2/16/heel-agony/]Leg Lengthening[/url] 100km race, the famous Biel 100km Race. The 100km run, what a real experience! Back then we started the race just before sunset around 8pm I think, with an average of 3000 to 4000 participants each year. The first arrived to the finish just around sunrise, as this race took always place in summer; the nights are pretty short there in the summer months.

Back to the main subject of this article I really believe in the importance of choosing the right shoes and the right surface as well, for the long daily training sessions. Why is that? It is very simple in fact: to save the “machine”, by that of course I mean our body and especially our legs and articulations. They are the most precious pieces of equipment for a runner, the knees and the ankles being the most exposed to injuries and pain.

First regarding the shoes, to save our articulations we really need to wear good quality shoes that are right for us. Now to get a good quality shoes is quite an easy task nowadays, with so many great brands available on the market, if we buy one of the 5 top brands shoes we are almost sure to make a good buy. One very important deciding point also must be the way you feel inside the shoes that you are ready to buy. One must feel very comfortable in those new shoes, do not take them too small of course, just a bit bigger to allow your feet to expand as the feet temperature goes up while running.

One good piece of advice now is: When you go to the shoe shop take your old shoes with you; then the specialist at the shop will inspect those old shoes to see the way they are worn out. From this inspection he will be able to find out the way you run and the way you position your body in those shoes while running. He should then be able to tell you if you are a neutral, overpronator or underpronator (supinator) runner.

This is something very important to know before you buy a new pair of running shoes; because this knowledge will guide you to decide what kind of shoe is best suited to you personally.