Secret Body Language to Show She Is Interested In You

Are you looking for girls who are equally interested in you? Here are a signs that will tell you if your girl reciprocates your feelings for her:

Notice her body language: does the girl you are interested in keep doing things that will make you notice her? Does her gaze she follow you? Is she giving you an opportunity to get close to her? Does she make her presence felt everywhere you go or hang out? Does she maneuver to sit or stand close to you at any given chance? Boy, the girl is interested in you big time!

Watch her moves: The beautiful women are more subtle at their romantic advances simply because they want the men to make the first move. Does your girl toss her hair while talking to you? Does she lean forward, stroke the stem of a glass or play with a piece of jeweler while talking to you? Does she imitate your movements to make them appear like a coincidence? Or does she happen to be looking at you every time you check her out and smiles when you notice her? These are some of the signs that she is interested in you.

Is she too busy for you: An interested woman will always have plenty of time for you? Even for the briefest of conversations she will drop hints of being interested by giving her phone number or email id so that she can ask you to call her back or stay in touch by other means. Another sign to show that she is interested is that she is always free to join you in your plans. She will accept your invitation promptly and would like to keep the options of future contacts and communication open.

So now that you know if the woman you are interested in is also interested in you, you will surely not take her crossing your path as a mere coincidence. Go ahead and make the first move. She really wants it!

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