The 10 Hottest Sexual Positions That Will Keep That Relationship Fun and the Bedroom Hot!

There's no doubt that great sex is one of the keys to a happy relationship. It's the fun part of the relationship where you get to show your feelings for one another. In order to have good sex you have to be spontaneous and know what you're doing. You have to know what turns your partner on and know how to pleasure them. Here are some hot sexual positions that'll spice up or make your sex life more exciting.
Countertop position- This position is the spur of the moment position. It's when you sit on top of the counter and your partner enters you and gives you pleasure. Yeah, you put your food there, but who's thinking about that when you are in heat.

Doggy Style or The Crawl- This is when you are on your knees in bed with your back turned to your partner and he enters from behind. This position gives good pleasure; it can be a very intense feeling.
Wrap Around position- This position can be a very deep passionate feeling. It when you lay on your back and your partner enters and you wrap your legs around his back to feel more penetration.

The Lap Position- You sit on top of your partner's lap and you get it on. This position can be challenging, so make sure you're comfortable. You can get muscle tension if you're not use to it.

Split Level- It's when the man is on top and he enters you and with your legs spread wide open with your knees bent towards you.

Fireside- when the woman is sitting in an armchair and wraps her legs and arms around the man while he kneels on the floor in front of her.

Futon- the woman is laying on her back on the edge of a table, futon, or bed covered with quilts and pillows, and spreads her legs wide. The man will kneel down and enter her, while holding her legs on his shoulder. This angle of penetration is very steep.

Swimming- is when the man lays on his back and spread his legs; the woman lies on top of him with her legs on top of his. The woman controls the pace by dragging herself up and down. This is a great way to get a powerful orgasm.

Urgent- is when the woman stands with legs spread while the man enters her from behind while she supports herself on a chair or sofa.

Head to Toe- the man lays on his back with his legs spread while he's inside the woman, who also lies down on her back with her legs spread across his, her toes pointing to his head and her head away from him. The woman is in control.

Lovemaking is a great way to relieve stress and to get a workout. Be spontaneous with it, be adventurous. Keep the bedroom alive and your life will be much happier and energetic.