Guys - Please Fill Out Your Profile - It takes 2 secs

I am browsing profiles to see what guys catch my eye.... I view the profile and they have nothing filled out. Please tell me something about you. Even fill out the questionnaire they have on here, at least it will tell me what you look like, interests etc. Not hard to do guys!

A profile picture would be great also. It is the first thing I look for when browsing profiles. So guys, if you send me a message and you have no profile filled out, I am not responding. Take two minutes out of your day to fill out the questionnaire.

For the guys out there, I am single, seeking a long term relationship, I have never been married, no kids. Just seeking a nice man who is funny, charming and caring. You do not have to live in Saskatchewan for us to talk, I will talk to guys in BC, Ontario, PEI etc.